10 Reasons to Hit the Slopes in October

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Loveland and A-Basin have been open for almost a week. Yes, there’s limited terrain, but this week’s cold weather means more snow is on the way. Here are 10 reasons to get your gear together and head up for a day (or even a half-day) of skiing or riding:

10—Because if you wait until December, you’ll wish you’d gone earlier. (Trust us on this one.)

9—If you start now, you can ski or ride yourself into shape. (Of course, making regular trips to the gym, going trail running a few times a week and laying off the donuts also helps.)

8—You don’t really need to rake those leaves and the really important football games don’t begin until December anyway.

7—The conditions are actually pretty good for October. Seriously. Plenty of coverage, no rocks, and lots of sunshine. (You don’t even need “rock skis” any more.)

6—Fall skiing is like spring skiing — only on the other side of winter and no lift lines!

5—Taking a vacation day to go skiing in the fall is much cheaper and much more practical than wasting one on a one-day trip to Hawaii.

4—Because you don’t have to wait in line to get your first chili-in-a-bread-bowl.

3—You’ve seen all the political commercials you can handle for one election season, but you can never get enough snow.

2—Because resorts have been open for six days (as of today) and that means there are a gaggle of die-hards from Summit County who have already logged four or five days. Time to catch up!

1—Seriously, do you need 9 other reasons? There’s snow on the slopes! It’s Colorado! Winter is coming, baby!

Brian Metzler is a freelance writer from Boulder. His work has appeared in Best Life, Men’s Journal, Outside, Ski, Skiing, Freeze (RIP!), Runner’s World, Freeze and the Rocky Mountain News.

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