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Ski it Forward With the constant talk about the economy these days, it can be hard to remember to appreciate all that we have. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and here in Colorado, by the end of the holiday, Ski Country will have 14 resorts open for the season – there’s 14 causes for optimism and appreciation right there.Telluride 1

In the spirit of giving thanks, we asked the CSCUSA staff and member resorts what they are most thankful for this holiday weekend. ‘Course we’re all thankful for snow and powder days, that goes with out saying, but we found that it’s the little things, the dedication of guests and sport introductions that really stick with us.

Nico Barrancos, CSCUSA “I’m thankful for the new terrain in Telluride, the early opening of Loveland and A-Basin, and Eldora‘s fresh coat of paint.”

Ari Stiller-Shulman, CSCUSA “I’m thankful for high-speed detachable lifts, hot chocolate, the neck warmer, snow grooming, and Under Armor.”

Amy Thieme, CSCUSA “I’m thankful for the Gems Resorts, perfect for families. At any Gems Resort, you don’t have to park a mile from the lodge, you almost feel like a VIP when you can park just yards from any lift. At Gems Resorts, you can always find a table in the lodge where you can keep an eye on the entire base, the perfect spot for the family to meet mid-day for a delicious affordable lunch. At Gems Resorts, the whole family can take the same chair lift and everyone will find a run that suits their skill level. You know that no matter how far ahead of you your little speed racer gets, you’ll always meet up again at the base. At a Gems Resort, the parents can have a fun and relaxing day knowing the kids are safe and having a ball! At a Gems Resort, a mom doesn’t go crazy – for that, this mom is very thankful this season for the 9 Colorado Gems Resorts!”

Stephanie Smith, CSCUSA “I’m thankful for eating my homemade sandwiches on the chair lift.  I’m thankful for my friends and family that constantly push me to do things I really have no business doing on skis and that I don’t get hurt while doing them! I’m thankful that my knees don’t hate me…yet. I’m thankful for après-ski. I’m thankful for 8 months of lift serve and summer snowfields.”
Crested Butte.Bilow

Teresa Durlin, CSCUSA “I’m thankful that my 18 and 20 year old kids love skiing so much that they’ll go up with the entire family and still have an absolute blast. Definitely one of the best, long term family activities around!”

03_Wolf Creek

Mark Quinnell, CSCUSA “Snow.”

Greg Ralph, Monarch Mountain “I am thankful that Monarch is opening on our scheduled date this season after being a little late the last two years. We will open Wednesday putting people back to work, as the largest private employer in Chaffee County it’s important that we open on schedule.”

Beth Holland, Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort “I am very thankful for every Durango citizen’s right to free speech… and their right to ski at Telluride. Oh, and I’m very thankful that we will be opening on Friday!”
102809 Trail Map

Dylan Lewis, Sunlight “I’m thankful for our loyal and dedicated season pass holders that still enjoy a small town ski area without all the frills and expense of a larger ski resort.”
Snow2010 018

Jennie spillane, Sunlight “I am thankful that we don’t have to make snow just to open this year. And yes, that goes along with being thankful for snow, but obviously it is a huge part of this business. I am also thankful for all of the positive attitudes from the locals here in Glenwood about the upcoming ski season especially because the economy seemed to get everyone so down.”
Snow2010 017

Mike Lane, Steamboat “We’re thankful for a fantastic staff, wonderful community and being able to enjoy this great sport.”

Mistalynn Lee, Winter Park Resort “I’m thankful for our loyal guests that have supported us for 70 years! Generation after generation return to put their kids in Ski & Ride School or to hit their favorite Mary Jane bump run. Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Lacie Write, Crested Butte Mountain Resort “Here in Crested Butte we are thankful that we have a strong sense of community that will stand up and fight with us for the collective success of our resort and town now and for the future.”

Emily McCormack, Crested Butte Mountain Resort “We’re thankful for the skiers and riders who come from far away cities to enjoy vacation time in Crested Butte. And I’m thankful for the pioneers brave enough to strap two wooden sticks to their feet and take a leap of faith so that we could all enjoy the wonderful sport of skiing today.”
Mail Carrier

Me, I’m thankful for resorts that offer kids under 6 to ski for free. I’m thankful for free, close in parking. I’m thankful for resorts that have wi-fi and good cell coverage (what can I say, I need to be connected). I’m thankful for all the little resorts out there, like the one in Ohio where I learned to ski, that provide the best experience they can so that anyone almost anywhere can have access to skiing. I’m thankful my parents had the energy and forethought to take us skiing in Colorado on family vacations while I was growing up, and didn’t just go to Florida like all my friends families.  I’m thankful that there is a whole lot of season in front of us and it’s an El Nino year!

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