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2010 Goals Post

by Jennifer on Jan.14, 2010, under Colorado Events, General

I know we’re already deep into the first month of 2010, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my resolutions for the year, starting with being more prompt with deadlines. But a year is a long time and I work better under pressure, so I’ve shortened the time frame from a year to just the end of the ski season. I also don’t like the idea of resolutions, so I’ve changed them into goals. And because during the winter most of what I do has to do with skiing, I made it even easier on myself and kept my goals to skiing and riding. (photo: Telluride_Casey Day) Following is the short list, the long one I’m still compiling, but without a deadline it may never be finished. Telluride_CaseyDay

With goals, as with other things in my life, I tend to start off big and then adjust according to reality. So first on my list is the perennial goal to ski every member resort – all 22 of them. I’ve done it once, it wasn’t pretty but it was fun. With each new season, after a resort visit, I bring home the trail map and tack it up on my office wall. I used to do the same thing after I finished a book, set it up on a shelf like a trophy to collect dust. Season to date this year I’ve skied Loveland, Copper, Ski Cooper and Winter Park, but some of those I’ve skied many times. I have a long way to go but there is a lot of winter left so I’m not worried yet.

Cat Skiing

Monarch Cat Skiing

A new goal this year for me is to ski all the new terrain opening this season. That would be the new stuff at Telluride and Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort, and if I’m down there I might as well do some hiking at Wolf Creek and Silverton.



Here are some other ski goals of mine for the 2009-10 season:
- Attend the X-Games at Aspen/Snowmas’ Buttermilk. Something I’ve never been to and probably won’t happen this year because of the SIA SnowShow in Denver for the first time. But a girl can dream.
- Take kids to SolVista Basin. This will happen. And if I had my act together in time (see above goal about being prompt with deadlines) I would have planned to take them this weekend for their fun kids event.
- Last season’s Powderhorn visit involved taking over the lodge with a bunch of friends. I’d like to do that again. We drove up the night before, took over the place and skied the next day. Super fun.
- I need to get back to Steamboat. I used to live there a million years ago and want to go back this year for a good solid two or three days of skiing, eating and drinking. Also want to see if Shadows is as good as I remember.
- While I’ve been to Highlands, I’ve never hiked Highland Bowl. My friend Nico hates to hike and he already did it this year. I’ve seen the photos and heard the stories, just need to make it happen.
- Over the past few years I’ve seen the Silverton Sisters in the Steeps gathering really take off. I’m not usually a “I am woman hear me roar” kind of gal but there is something very lunar about gathering like minded women in a place that is like none other on Earth. I really wanted to go last year but it was on Easter weekend.
- Another legendary gathering that I’ve yet to attend, an official après at A-Basin’s Beach. You actually have to reserve spots for this come springtime. (Again, please refer to above goal about being prompt with deadlines.)



Here are some goals that actually have something to do with skiing on snow rather than après-ing or event hopping:
- Ski Copper’s Union Bowl. First time I did this a couple years ago I didn’t know how to use the Poma lift and just tried to guess the timing – didn’t work. But I was with Ski School Director JP whose soothing accent and bright white smile that gleamed against his tanned face made me quickly forget to be embarrassed.
- I need to hit Crested Butte’s Teo 1 and 2. Tried these last year but it was too early in the season. Will make another attempt this year.
- Skiing Eldora’s Corona Bowl is a no brainer, so close, so fun. The terrain is open, I don’t know why I haven’t done this yet.
- I’ve been so spoiled during my Monarch visits because they are usually centered on a cat skiing outing. I’ve been to Monarch a handful of times but only skied the resort once. Once you ski by cat, you don’t go back.
- At Sunlight I’d like to do more than one turn on the Heathen. I also want to take my kids on Ute – more than two miles long – that would be our morning run and we’d be ready for lunch.
- I like the trees at Mary Jane but would like to get up high at Winter Park and play around on Vasquez Cirque.
- Because it is so close to Denver I want to take a bunch of friends to Echo some day. It’s such a pleasant easy going vibe and laid back atmosphere with great views and fun terrain but people often overlook it. Need to share the love.
- For three years now I’ve been asking John at Loveland to ski with me but he keeps blowing me off – this year it ends.
- Love taking the family to Ski Cooper but I’d like to cat ski Chicago Ridge then moonlight snowshoe or cross-country to dinner in a yurt.

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin

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