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SolVista: Small is a BIG Deal

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.10, 2012, under Colorado Skiing, Dining and Nightlife, General, Resorts

As far as Colorado ski resorts go, SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch doesn’t give up its biggest virtues upon first glance. Initially, you might not see what makes SolVista such a big deal, because the things that make SolVista a big deal are… small.

At SolVista, small is a very big deal

At SolVista, small is a very big deal

Indeed, some of the ski area’s biggest fans are less than three feet tall. This is a kids’ Mecca, and truly offers something different for families. So I’m letting my new family at SolVista adopt me for the weekend.

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Beating shin bang

by Guest on Feb.09, 2012, under General

A note from Eric Ward, Owner, Foot Foundation

I wanted to share a thought on a strategy that could help everyone you ski with, enjoy their time here in Colorado.

There is one, easily avoidable boot issue we deal with every day at The FootLabs: “shin bang”.  If you, or more importantly someone you ski with, is having trouble with it, here is a quick and easy solution. I would encourage you to share this with all your friends and guests. (continue reading…)

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Double Blacks, At Last!

by Guest on Feb.08, 2012, under General

This post comes to us from Kristen Lummis at

“It’s January and I still haven’t skied a single double black.” My son and I were driving after school on a blue, unseasonably warm mid-winter day. “This is ridiculous,” he continued as we watched a group of road bikers go by. And while the bikers may be happy this winter, we skiers have had a tough row to hoe, with a prevailing forecast of little snow, warm temps and lots of complaining.

This is not to say that we haven’t been putting in time on the slopes and enjoying it greatly. It’s just that skiing in December and January was different. These were months when we enjoyed groomers and appreciated the skill of snowcat operators. These were also months when we had to jump over rocks, instead of off of rocks. Core shots? Well, we used to think they were bad. This winter, they’re a fact of life. Ski double black diamond runs? Not a chance. There weren’t any open.

Less High-Pressure, More Good Snow (continue reading…)

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Sol Vista’s Paradise

by Guest on Feb.07, 2012, under General

This blog comes to us from Amber Johnson, editor of the Denver Post’s “Mile High Mamas.”

Me: “I have some bad news, Haddie.”
Haddie: “Oh no, what?”
Me: “I can’t find your carsickness pills and it’s a really windy road to SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch.”
Haddie: “Oh no. I’m gonna die!”
Me: “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re just going to throw up.” (continue reading…)

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Colorado Natives Know About Snow

by Guest on Feb.06, 2012, under General

The following was brought to us by Claudia Carbone, a ski and travel journalist.

It’s snowing in Colorado. Finally. After a tense first few months of the season, most people were wondering if we were in for a long-term drought. Not me. As a Colorado native, I know what happens in the mountains around here in winter and it’s not golf.

Crested Butte

Crested Butte

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Joe says be safe

by Joe Powder on Feb.05, 2012, under General


Awesome day on the hill. Look how stoked I am. Lots of powder. Powder is my name and riding it is my game.

Colorado Ski Country resorts are doing pretty good in the snow department, but because of the tricky weather patterns, the conditions have been ripe for avalanche.

Remember to be safe out there – no matter where you’re riding. ‘nuff said.

See you on the slopes -

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A Day in the Park (Winter)

by Guest on Feb.04, 2012, under General

The following was brought to us by Pietro Simonetti of Good Ski Guide.

Day after day I scoped out the Rocky Mountains from the Boulder flats. Or more precisely, the bare Rocky Mountains. It was early January and there was more snow down in the Front Range than the high peaks. Freaky strange. That’s why when a fast-passing storm was predicted to clip Colorado, I had to take my chances and hope that the snow gods would come through for us flake-hungry skiers.

Winter Park_Brad Torchia

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