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Sol Vista Basin: Where Families Go Big!

by Guest on Feb.03, 2012, under General

By Kristen Lummis,

Photo courtesy Sol Vista Basin

“I may be biased, but I think that Sol Vista is the best mountain anywhere for families learning to ski.” We were riding up the Quick Draw Express Quad at Sol Vista Basin, with a ski patroller. “I’ve skied all over the world,” he told us. “I’ve never been anywhere as family friendly as this mountain.” (continue reading…)

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Couples on the Slopes: Bliss or Battleground?

by Colorado Snow Sensei on Feb.02, 2012, under General

SolVista Basin ski pro offers advice on how to survive skiing with your significant other.


Valentine’s weekend mountain getaways beckon this time of year—who doesn’t love to schuss side-by-side with a sweetheart? Except when she skis bumps and he craves groomers. Or he’s got helpful pointers she doesn’t want to hear…wait a minute, there goes the romance.

“Having different interest or skill levels can be a challenge for couples, says SolVista Basin’s Ski and Ride School Director Dan O’Connell. “It’s inevitable that the more-skilled rider or skier tries to help, and the less-skilled person is trying so hard not to be a problem, and tension results.”

O’Connell (with 24 years of skiing with his significant other under his belt) offers these tips for keeping the peace on the mountain with your significant other: (continue reading…)

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A good excuse to ski

by Jennifer on Feb.01, 2012, under General

Winter Park photo by Brad Torhia

Many people use skiing as an outlet for different things; connecting with nature, hanging out with friends, pushing the limits of athleticism. But for one weekend a year, a group of Karma-building-ski-fanatic-do-gooders use skiing as a way to give back to their community by participating in the Invest In Kids Jane-A-Thon fundraiser at Winter Park.

Now hold up. Before you click away, this is not your ordinary fundraiser. (continue reading…)

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