It’s Snowing, Time to get Fit!

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It’s snowing in Ski Country. Thanks to everyone who prayed, danced, and shook their voodoo dolls, because clearly it worked. Now that we’re getting some natural snowfall, it’s time to turn to the mountains and load up our gear. Since you might not have skied for a couple of weeks, we thought it time to throw up a couple of tips so that everyone’s preparing their bodies for those long awaited runs!

Purgatory James_Bunten 12.6.12

Purgatory James_Bunten 12.6.12

A lot of people think skiing is all in the legs, but that is far from the truth – your core is a really important part of any exercise, so really try to diversify your regimen.

Core exercises like planks, hollow holds, and leg lifts will help strengthen these core muscles, which will make for a longer more controlled day on the slopes.

Telluride Brett_Schreckengost 12.6.12

Telluride Brett_Schreckengost 12.6.12

Focusing on leg strength and power is also important, so start with common exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Then mix in explosive moves like squat jumps, lunge jumps and box jumps.

Running stairs will help when you hit the moguls or a deep snow and isometric moves (holding one position for an extended time period) will help on longer runs and, of course, powder days.

Remember, these exercises are designed to be implemented over an extended period of time, so don’t plan on doing all of these at once with the intention of hitting the slopes hard tomorrow. Ski season is a marathon, not a sprint. Your fitness regimen should be too, as Marky Mark of the 90s so eloquently reminds us.

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