Why The Disposable is the Perfect Ski Camera

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Even though you may think that disposable cameras are only something that hipsters and those protesting the modern age use, they are actually the best hassle-free option to snap stills with while skiing. I took one for a test run on a day of late spring cruising, and discovered the perfect simplicity for myself. Here’s what I found:

1. It doesn’t weigh anything. Coming in at about 5 ounces, you can slip it in your pants pocket and not even notice it’s there. Comparatively, my compact mirrorless camera is just over a pound and requires its own bulky pack and I’m always worried about smashing it while riding. In short, I felt beyond free without having to carry that backpack, while still being able to capture photos.

2. You don’t have to worry about charging the battery or forgetting the memory card. As long as you have the camera, you are ready to shoot. No battery in the cold and no SD card to drop in the snow = no worries. Just make sure to wind up the camera until right before you shoot to prevent any pictures of the inside of your pockets.

3. You have to focus on your shots. You only get 27 opportunities per roll of film, so the camera makes you seriously consider your composition before hitting the shutter button blindly, as you could on an iPhone, for example. The 27-shot cap also limits you from just snapping infinite amounts of photos for the day, so you get to ski a bit rather than just worrying about your Instagram…

4. You get a hard copy of your shots. Unlike the digital platforms, you can actually hold these pictures and keep them in your wallet to show all off to all of your co-workers (rather than digging through your endless phone photo reel to find your last pow day in between all those shots of your dog asleep in weird places.)

5. The cameras create a distinct photo feel, and this is my favorite part. The over-exposed, slightly blurry, and grainy-retro look make you feel like you were skiing in the 70’s when you look back upon your shots, and who doesn’t want to feel like they were wearing a one-piece and rocking a mullet?

So if you want an effortless, mindless, yet stylish way to take pictures on your next ski outing, give the disposable a shot, and see what you can develop. Here’s what I captured:

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