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Lesson Learned, Skiing Moguls with Ease

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.30, 2014, under Colorado Skiing

Long after we step into our skis, learn the “pizza” and move on to the “french fry”, the people who taught us how to slide down the mountain fade into the distance. But what happens when you’ve been cruising the blues for the millionth time, and you’re just ready for a new challenge?

Despite what you may think, Ski School is not just for the kiddos. It’s not just for the first-timers. Let’s face it, we could all benefit from some lessons on the hill to sharpen up our skills, learn some new tricks and master challenging terrain. It’s an investment that will benefit you throughout your entire ski and snowboarding career. You’ll become more efficient with your turns so you don’t feel so tired or sore the next day, you’ll feel more confidence, and you’ll be able to ride more of the mountain. Imagine carving down groomers, floating through powder, weaving through the trees, hitting up the terrain park or mastering moguls–you know you want to!

PSIA certified ski instructor and trainer Erik Mogensen of Winter Park has made a career out of teaching skiing. It’s amazing how quickly the tips and tricks can transform the way you ski. On his lesson with Victoria, an intermediate skier and a mom who fears the day her son will surpass her on the mountain, Erik shows her how to take her skiing to the next level in the bumps.

Take a peek:

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Safety First: Your Responsibility Code

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.27, 2014, under General

January is National Safety Month and resorts all across Colorado are celebrating in style to raise awareness to the folks on the hill. Arapahoe Basin’s Jake Ziemski, the 2013 Colorado Ski Patroller of the Year, shares some tricks and tips to keep you safe on the mountain. Jake walks us through the rules of Your Responsibility Code and surveys the little ones about skiing and snowboarding safely. There are lots of things you can do to keep yourself and others safe on the mountain, whether cruising the slopes or hitting up the terrain park. Find out here:

Safety First: Your Responsibility Code from Colorado Ski Country USA on Vimeo.

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Mountain Trivia: Show us your SLOPE SMARTS!

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.02, 2014, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Where was this photo taken?*

Where was this photo taken?*

If you want to be the King of the Mountain, you have to know your stuff. It’s not all about blazing fast and shredding hard or pulling tricks and looking super steazy doing them–though we’ll give you bonus points for that! The brains we protect under our helmets are the biggest assets you can take to the slopes.

We got to chat with the folks at the Ski & Snowboard Expo and put them to the ultimate test in slope smarts! The name of the game: ski safety and Ski Country trivia. Think you can earn a perfect score? (continue reading…)

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Ticket to Ride: 5th and 6th Grade Passport

by Mountain Correspondent on Dec.05, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Ever wish you could be a kid again? This will definitely make you jealous: Colorado Ski Country offers 5th graders 60 days of FREE skiing and riding!!! That’s for Zero! Zilch! Nada! Over 20 Colorado resorts–like Copper Mountain, Telluride, Steamboat and more–offer 5th graders three full days of fun as part of the renowned Passport program. And, after kids graduate from fifth grade, no one’s left hanging.

6th graders get a pretty awesome deal, too, receiving four days of skiing and riding at all 20 member resorts for just $99–that’s 80 days of fun! That amounts to $1.24 per day. That’s kind of ridiculous. There’s also a rockin’ deal for kiddos who have never had the chance to try skiing or snowboarding: The First Class Program provides one free lesson in January to 5th Grade Passport who have never skied or snowboarded. Resorts have excellent ski and snowboard schools, where taking a lesson from a pro will help your child get better faster.

What a perfect excuse to partake in the Coloradan tradition of skiing and riding!

I recently got the chance to meet up with Colorado Ski Country’s esteemed 5th grade blogger, Emma, and hang out with her rad fifth grade posse. Check out all the fun we had at Copper Mountain, all thanks to the Passport program:

While we can’t turn back time, we can at least tell every 5th and 6th grader you bump into to sign up for a year of FREE skiing and riding. Learn more about the Passport program here:

You did a good deed.

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The Art and Science of Making Snow

by Mountain Correspondent on Nov.14, 2013, under General

Early Season Snowmaking at Loveland Ski Area

Ever wonder how the resorts are able to have such great conditions when Mother Nature is not cooperating? It is all due to the guys with the big guns at the resorts, the snowmakers! Check out what it takes to be one of the first resorts in the nation to open and how they maintain those conditions into the summer.

Loveland’s Lead Snowmaker Mark Eldring takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the operation. He shows us how they blast the fluffy white stuff into the air to build the base. Cold temperatures, low humidity and a little help from mother nature doesn’t hurt.

Known for great early season conditions, Loveland is proud to offer locals a chance to warm up their legs to prepare for a long season ahead.

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Mountains of Savings at the 2013 Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo

by Mountain Correspondent on Nov.09, 2013, under General

Mountain men and women from far and wide made the trek down to Denver for the 22nd annual Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo this weekend.

Celebrating the start of the ski season, industry reps came armed with swag and updates on the season ahead, while shoppers came loaded with credit cards, ready to snatch up big savings.

With impressive deals on last year’s gear and showcases full of this year’s gear, gearheads and gear wannabes mixed and mingled on the show floor. Enthusiasts enjoyed an array of activities ranging from the slackline demo and comp, a rock climbing wall, and a large mountain boarding arena.

The resort and vendor tents were a big hit with the shoppers., many finding deals on lift tickets and free stickers and maps! Winter Park’s kid slope was a thrill for the little ones while the Rocky Mountain Brew Fest was a winner with the big kids. Partygoers toasted to the season over craft brews from local Colorado brewers.

With several Colorado ski resorts open, and many more to follow in the coming weeks, the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Expo offered shredders and rippers one last chance stock up on great deals for the season!

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Kickin’ off the 2013-2014 season in style at A-Basin

by Mountain Correspondent on Oct.14, 2013, under General

Kickin’ off the 2013-2013 Ski Season on Opening Day at A-Basin from Colorado Ski Country USA on Vimeo.

Hello! I’m Juliana Broste, aka “Traveling Jules,” Colorado Ski Country’s new Mountain Correspondent. With great honor, we kicked off the 2013-2013 ski season with a bang at A-Basin on Sunday, October 13, 2013.  A-Basin is proud to be the first ski resort open–not just in Colorado–but in the whole country!  Dedicated skiers and riders came out to celebrate opening day with an impressive lift line queue building up before sunrise!  Enthusiasts loaded Black Mountain Express to mid-mountain and made turns down High Noon, with an adventurous crowd peeling off into High Divide Terrain Park. The crowd did not die off early, the lines lasted up until 4 o’clock closing. Cheers to the winter season! Bring on the snow!

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