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Chairlift Confessions: Powder Flu

by Mountain Correspondent on Mar.02, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Insider Secrets

[WARNING: This blog post is NSFW - Employees: if your boss sees you reading it, you can kiss your next powder day goodbye. Kids: do NOT let your parents see this unless they're very cool, or already have the Powder Flu themselves. Read with caution]

You don’t want to be sick, right? But you do want the conditions to be sick out on the slopes. So what happens when you’re not sick, but the conditions are? Colorado Ski Country has the answer. It’s called the powder flu, and it’s extremely contagious around here.

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Photo Quiz: Guess What

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.26, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General

It’s Colorado Ski Country USA Photo Quiz time. Test your ski cred and see if you can ace the quiz. Winners get bragging rights on Colorado’s greatest skiing Facebook page, and never-ending glory.

Ready for the quiz? Here goes:

QUESTION: What is going on in this picture:

What's going on in this photo?

What's going on in this photo?

Multiple choices below:

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Totally Average at Telluride

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.23, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General, Resorts

For decades, the mere utterance of the word “Telluride” has conjured up visions of jagged peaks, crusty miners, an authentic western main street, and the mystique of some of the best skiing in Southwest Colorado.  And the myth holds up: even an average day at Telluride is anything but, well, average:

How was my day? Eh, the usual.

How was my day? Eh, the usual.

The totally average Telluride experience continues…

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Jammy-Packin’ in Colorado

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.18, 2013, under General, Insider Secrets

Fashion and function are awkward bedfellows when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Some say that style trumps all – these folks can be seen at nearly any aprés spot, prominently displaying their brand name, slope-chic couture. Others claim that function is what matters, as evidenced by their devotion to cheap hardware store work gloves and the duct tape patches on their Gore-Tex. So which group is right? Style or substance? Fashion or function? Being seen, or being seen skiing? Colorado Ski Country USA’s Mountain Correspondent hit the slopes to find out…

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Snow: Not the Only Thing Falling

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.03, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General, Resorts

Ski season’s in full swing in Colorado Ski Country USA. Yes, we had a slow start, but it’s really turning around; every single one of our resorts and ski areas got dumped on at some point over the past week. That’s huge! In my neck of the wods, it loked like it was snowing potato chips at one point. And while it’s NOT Colorado’s first snow, I think that the calming melodies of the good Hank Williams Sr. sum this up:

And while there’s been plenty of snow falling, there’s been something else falling on the slopes in Colorado: us. Falling is part of skiing, and while the twitter-verse and face-spaces are full of photos of all the glorious powder falling in Colorado, I thought I’d change it up a bit with some photos of crashes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Augerfest, February 2013. Enjoy!

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Night Extravaganza. Yes, Seriously

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.31, 2013, under Colorado Events, General, Resorts

One of the most amazing winter carnivals, hands-down, no-doubt, bet-your-season-pass is Steamboat Springs’ Winter Carnival. It’s coming up Feb 6-10. Do. Not. Miss. It. And when you get there, be sure to put on some warm socks, fill a thermos with some piping hot <ahem> cocoa, and head out for a night at the signature event, the Night Extravaganza.

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Risks of Parking in Colorado

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.29, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Parking in Colorado has its risks, as this poor damsel in distress recently realized after leaving her car unattended for a day a Durango Mountain Resort lot. The resort is reporting a whopping 22 inches in the last 48 hours. I believe it:

No, it's not a mogul. It's a car.

No, it's not a mogul. It's my car.

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