• Photo courtesy of Dave Camara at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area.

    Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA)’s member resorts recognize between tuition, textbooks, meal plans and everything else, college is expensive. Ski areas across Colorado, from the Front Range to the Western Slope and down to the southwest corner of the state, offer dozens of deals and discounts to...

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    Throwback: The Art and Science of Making Snow

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    (Originally posted 11.14.13) Ever wonder how the resorts are able to have such great conditions when Mother Nature is not cooperating? It is all due to the guys with the big guns and the big toys at the resorts, the snowmakers! Check out what it takes to be one of the first resorts in the [&hellip...

  • Photo courtesy of Loveland Ski Area,

    Loveland’s Season Kicks Off On Friday, October 20

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    Loveland Ski Area will open for the 2017/18 season on Friday, October 20. “We have been waiting all summer for this and are excited to announce that Opening Day is finally here,” said COO Rob Goodell. “The snow we received in early October has been a tremendous help and our snowmakers have...

  • Ski Country Trifecta

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    Ski Country Trifecta – This weekend is the unofficial kick off for summer. People often wonder what we do in the summer without any snow, and generally, we try to do the same thing we do in the winter, find fun ways to slide down the mountain.

    KC AlpineSlide1

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  • Camps, Concerts, Bikes and Brews

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    Camps, Concerts, Bikes and Brews – Last week Copper announced its summer event line up and new summer activity season pass. The events schedule includes favorites like: 3 Ring Weekend, the Courage Classic, Guitar Town and Copper Country, in addition to NEW events such as: Genuine Wine and Jazz, Warrior Dash, the Village Art Walk, and the Saturday Concert Series.

    Guitar Town at Copper Mtn

    Photo Courtesy of Copper Mountain Resort

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  • And Then There Were Three

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    And Then There Were Three – Three resorts are open this weekend, and it’s the last weekend for two of them. Like a high school graduation party, Echo Mountain and Loveland are ending the season with some pomp, circumstance and senior steeze.

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  • Keeping Mad Skills Sharp

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    Keeping Mad Skills Sharp If you’re like me you tend to stay clear of terrain parks, rails, boxes, up downs, table tops, counter tops, desk tops, and the like. And, if you’re like me, you don’t know what half those things are but you appreciate and are amazed by what others can do on them. I mostly stay away because I don’t know what to do with them, could be because I haven’t been to Woodward at Copper.

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  • A Powderful Deja Vous

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    A Powderful Deja Vous – I’m having deja vu. It’s the middle of April but it feels like the middle of January. Four resorts are open in Ski Country this weekend with some big events happening. There’s fresh snow in the mountains with more on the way-I heard on the news that the high country could get up to 2 feet! Here’s what’s happening in the mountains from the resorts themselves.

    Echo TV Season 3 – Episode 9 from Echo Mountain on Vimeo.

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  • Communal Love

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    Communal Love – Colorado Ski Country USA resorts “heart” the Earth. They make a lot of effort to carry out sustainable business practices and protect the environment in which we ski. But while everyone is getting touchy-feely over Earth Day, let’s not forget that resorts give a lot of love to the mountain communities too, the smaller worlds that they operate in.


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  • A Little Sun, A Big Splash, and a Mighty Polka

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    A Little Sun, A Big Splash, and a Mighty Polka-We knew it was coming, but yet it always seems like a surprise. This weekend, nine resorts are open for skiing and riding but for five of them this will be their last weekend of the 2009/10 season. But talk about going out in style; take a gander below at what is happening in Ski Country this weekend. (photo courtesy of Coppery Mountain)Copper Mountain
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  • The Environment In Which We Ski

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    The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is coming up later this month. In Ski Country, we feel that every day is Earth Day as resorts are constantly exploring new ways to support our sports’ most valuable asset. As we all work to continue to be good stewards of the environment, we wanted to let skiers and riders know some of the new environmental programs in place this season and ongoing efforts planned for the future: (photo by Dan Sweeney)


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  • Going Out in Style

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    Going Out in Style Closing weekends, while sad in some ways, are really excuses to dress up in outrageous outfits, slide down snow on things other than skis and boards, and party like a rock star. Sure we have to say goodbye to another ski season, and say goodbye to friends and co-workers who leave town for the summer, but thanks to end-of-season festivities the images we have of friends on the last day of the season will last us ’till opening day.

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  • The Burger Index

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    The Burger Index

    The smell of spring skiing means burgers grilling on the deck of the lodge, mmmm. One way to sum up this season is as the season of value. There was a lot of talk this fall about what sort of value is out there and the hamburger has been served up as a USDA prime example.

    Over the course of the season, we did our own burger value research and are happy to report the results below. (Photo taken at Arapahoe Basin by Casey Day)
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