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    Ski Film Premieres in Colorado – 2017 Edition

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    We are big fans of ski film premieres for myriad reasons. Ski move premieres are a gathering place for like-minded people (ski bums), showcase the best skiing and snowboarding of the previous season, and provide ample stoke for the ski season ahead. Luckily, Colorado is blessed with many...

  • This upcoming 2017/2018 ski season holds a special place in the hearts of Aspen locals and visitors alike. It was on December 17, 1967 that Aspen Snowmass, then Snowmass-at-Aspen, celebrated its opening day with only fifty miles of skiable trails and five chairlifts. This year marks the resort’s...

  • The first snow of the 2017-18 season on the San Juan Mountains. Photo courtesy of Telluride Ski Resort.

    By R. Scott Rappold The first snow of the season hit Colorado’s high country over the weekend. Not graupel, hail or icy rain, but actual snow. The kind on which we’ll soon be skiing and snowboarding.  Of course, the snow quickly melted. It is, after all, officially summer. But...

  • Beware the Warren Effect

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    Beware the Warren Effect. I have a hunch I’m not the only person in the world who after they saw the movie Rocky was so pumped that she attempted to jog home from the movie theater. In fact I know I’m not the only one because my friend Amy was with me and I think it was her mom we called to come get us.  Some movies just have that effect.

    Warren Miller’s Dynasty is touring through Colorado right now. I’d been hearing the industry buzz about it for months, I’d seen the trailer online, and Ski Country even helped with some of the logistics for the film crew.

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  • In Ski Country, Snowdays Mean Openings

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    In Ski Country, Snowdays Mean Openings Ahhh, the nostalgia of a snowday. Kids all over Colorado are doing cartwheels in celebration of the snowday, but here at Colorado Ski Country USA, resorts are doing back flips.

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  • Colorado’s Gold Rush

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    Colorado’s Gold Rush

    If you ever have a chance to go to the Olympics – do it, especially if you’re an athlete on the US Team, but also if you’re a spectator or a volunteer. I had the opportunity to go to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake and it was an amazing experience.

    Sometimes people think the CSCUSA Gold Pass is a medal, and usually I let them think that. IMG00033-20091027-0928The things I remember most about the Olympics are; the huge, nearly empty plane from JFK to SLC (remember this was just after 911), Continue Reading

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  • Getting Physical

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    Getting Physical It’s funny to see what motivates people to exercise. In my experience, it’s varied from wanting to keep off the freshman 15 to wanting to keep up with my kids. But for many of us, a sure fire way to kick start an exercise regime is the pending ski season.

    Recall the thigh burning feeling of your last attempt to tame Winter Park/Mary Jane’s bumps, or the aching leg syndrome that came with sliding down Telluride’s steeps, or the sucking wind sensation that accompanied the hike to Crested Butte’s extremes – there’s motivation for you.

    Winter Park - Mary Jane bumpsTelluride_Brett Schreckengost steepsCrestedButte_extremees

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  • Good Skiing Can Happen To You

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    Good Skiing Can Happen to You

    The economy is in the toilet, we get it. Jobs are scarce, understood. These days we are all having to make tough decisions about where to spend our already limited discretionary dollars.

    That said, Colorado has nearly a half million skiers and riders living in the state, and having world class skiing and riding in our back yards is one of the reasons many of us live here. That’s why this year, Colorado Ski Country resorts are working hard to come up with creative ways to make it easy to get some good skiing in this winter.


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  • Two For The Records

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    Two For The Records

    The Colorado ski season bounded to one of its earliest starts ever this season with Loveland Ski Area opening its chair lifts to skiers and riders on October 7th and Arapahoe Basin opening on October 9th. Loveland’s opening day of October 7th is the earliest the resort has opened in 40 years and Arapahoe Basin’s opening on the 9th is the earliest on record that resort has opened.

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  • Running the Good Race

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    The race to be the first Colorado ski resort to open is intense these days, especially as Colorado Ski Country is experiencing colder temperatures, early season snow fall, and conditions conducive for snowmaking. The race to open can be likened to a beauty pageant where snowmaking is the Botox used to enhance what Mother Nature provides.IMGP2340
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  • Making the Grade

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    One score, minus seven years ago, Colorado Ski Country USA launched the 5th Grade Passport Program to provide the means to introduce all 5th graders to skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. All you had to do to qualify was be in 5th grade. Simple as that, just make it though the 4th grade, and you were eligible for a full season of skiing on the 5th Grade Passport. Today, CSCUSA has helped introduce more than 200,000 families to Colorado skiing with the popular program, and we are offering it again this year.

    SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch

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  • Skier’s Snow Blog 09.21.2009-1

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    We know its coming. It happens every year. And yet it inevitably seems to comes early, or when we least expect it, and I swear it’s always on a Monday. I’m talking about the first snow. It happened this week (Sunday night) and by Monday morning it was official – there’s snow on the mountains in Colorado Ski Country. (photo from Arapahoe Basin/Kimberly Trembearth)A-Basin1

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  • Powder Lover Seeks Powder Rider

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    The one thing about Colorado Ski Country, we’re not afraid to put ourselves out there.

    “Small not-for-profit trade association seeks innovative Colorado ski brand. Must like progression of sport, posses mind blowing graphics, and provide unconditional performance.”

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