• By Dan Rabin Dan Rabin is a Boulder-based freelance writer and author of the guidebook, Colorado Breweries. At the start of the 2014-2015 ski season, Copper Mountain released an update to Sherpa, a fun, informative and futuristic smartphone app touted as an “on-mountain audio guide.” The...

  • By Troy Hawks You would think that having a below-the-knee leg amputation at the age of six months would tend to slow you down. But Jamie Stanton, who was born with a growth deficiency of the fibula (fibular hemimelia) never let it interrupt his love of sports, particularly ski racing. You can...

  • On Thursday, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy joined the X Games in Aspen, CO, to bring attention to the extreme weather impacts of climate change.  A strong economy and a strong environment go hand in hand, which makes acting on climate necessary to protect tourism, recreation and the outdoor...

  • Telluride Helitrax Launches Weekend Helicopter Skiing Trips From Denver

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    Telluride Helitrax Launches Weekend Helicopter Skiing Trips  From Denver

    Telluride Helitrax, for the first time this winter, will offer helicopter skiing trips from Denver, Colorado. Avid skiers and snowboarders will be able to fly out of Denver/Centennial airport into Telluride Regional Airport for a weekend of heli-skiing and be back in Denver in time for work on Monday.

    The base package is based on a group of four and includes:

    • Private fixed-wing charter flight from Centennial Airport to Telluride Regional Airport
    • One day of helicopter skiing with Telluride Helitrax
    • One night of lodging at the Peaks Resort and Spa
    • Breakfast at the Peaks Resort and Spa
    • Access to Colorado’s largest spa at the Peaks Resort
    • Private fixed-wing charter flight from Telluride Regional Airport to Centennial Airport

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  • Basic Chairlift Safety for Kids and Parents

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    Basic Chairlift Safety for Kids and Parents

    Aspen Snowmass

    By Kristen Lummis, braveskimom.com

    It’s an almost universal response: parents get nervous when their little ones begin riding chairlifts.

    Yes, the lifts are up in the air, and yes, the kids are little. But that doesn’t mean you have to worry about your kids when they take a ski lift. With some common sense, and a few basic tips, it’s easy to teach your kids basic chairlift safety. Continue Reading

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  • Colorado Ski Country Resorts Promote Safe Skiing and Riding in January

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    Colorado Ski Country Resorts Promote Safe Skiing and Riding in January

    Aspen Snowmass

    January is National Safety Month at ski resorts across America, and Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) member resorts are hosting special safety-related programs and activities all month long to raise awareness and demonstrate the many ways guests can keep safe on the slopes every day.

    Throughout January, resorts are working to educate guests about on-mountain safety and responsibilities. Activities at the resorts include a wide array of hands-on demonstrations by ski patrol such as bringing guests on patrol sweeps at the end of the day, demonstrating training exercises, and many more interactive safety experiences. Additionally, some resorts’ highly-trained avalanche dogs will show off their impressive skills in avalanche response simulations, an annual favorite for guests. Continue Reading

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  • Five Tips to Help Young Kids Get Ready for Ski School

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    Five Tips to Help Young Kids Get Ready for Ski School

    Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

    By Kristen Lummis, braveskimom.com

    If you’ve got your kids signed up for ski school this winter, good for you! Without a doubt, professional instruction is the best way to build skills and develop a love of snow sports.

    While some kids will dive into any adventure without a second thought, others may be nervous at trying something new. Here are some tips to help your children get ready for ski school, whether they’re signed up for one lesson, several days or a week of lessons, or for the entire season. And while these tips can apply to anyone, they are especially important for younger kids. Continue Reading

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  • A Ski or Snowboard Lesson is Worth Every Penny

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    A Ski or Snowboard Lesson is Worth Every Penny

    Henry starts to get into the athletic position and demonstrate some of the skills he learned during ski school.

    By Rachel Walker

    “Captain Ron is a good storyteller!”

    So said my almost five-year-old when I picked him up from a lesson at Steamboat’s renowned ski and snowboard school the week after Christmas. Like many, my family traveled to the mountains for the holidays, and Henry, who can wedge his way down easy blues and harder greens, was keen to take a lesson. My husband and I obliged because we are keen for him and his little brother to become little rippers. Continue Reading

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  • January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in Colorado Ski Country USA

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    January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month in Colorado Ski Country USA

    Dustin Schaefer, Loveland

    January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month across America, and Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) member ski areas and resorts are offering special promotions and programs to make it easy for people to learn Colorado’s signature winter sports. Guests visiting CSCUSA member resorts in January will find package deals on rentals, lift tickets, and professional instruction, and in many cases resorts will reward successful first-time learners with a complimentary season pass after completion of a multi-day lesson program.

    With plentiful, soft snow and a small army of dedicated skiing and snowboarding instructors ready to create lifelong skiers or snowboarders, January is the perfect time to introduce a friend or family member to Colorado Ski Country. Here is a summary of the Learn to Ski and Snowboard activities and offerings at CSCUSA member ski areas. Continue Reading

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  • Tips for Skiing with Your Partner

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    Tips for Skiing with Your Partner

    Arapahoe Basin

    by James Lummis

    I am married to my main skiing partner.  My wife’s passion for skiing exceeds mine and we ski together thirty days a year.  Lifelong skiers, we met in college and have skied long enough to raise two teenage skiers and feel very fortunate to enjoy such a great sport together.

    Participating in sports with a spouse, partner or girl/boyfriend can be incredibly rewarding, but also has large potential to not end well.  Continue Reading

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  • Why Specialty Ski and Snowboard Camps Rock

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    Why Specialty Ski and Snowboard Camps Rock

    Aspen Snowmass

    Not only will you get top-notch instruction, having a camp on the calendar guarantees you’ll make it to the mountains, no matter what the rest of your life tries to throw at you.

    By Rachel Walker

    Last February, a blizzard swept through Colorado, dropping copious amounts of bone-dry powder in the mountains. This was a storm for the record books, and I am certain that ski bums everywhere called in sick, made excuses, and hightailed it to the mountains.

    Alas, I am no ski bum. I am a working mother of two little kids with too much responsibility to drop everything at the arrival of a snow-laden cold front.

    Still, I was out skiing with the best of them—at Silverton Mountain, no less—ripping it up and whooping with each face shot. Continue Reading

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  • Five Colorado Mountains with Brag-Worthy Terrain

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    Five Colorado Mountains with Brag-Worthy Terrain

    Expedia Viewfinder teamed up with Colorado Ski Country USA to showcase mountain resorts with notable landscapes in the Centennial State.

    Colorado is known for stunning peaks and incredible skiing conditions, and many of its mountain resorts have some especially wow-worthy elements. To help us decide which ski resorts to shred up this winter, our Expedia Viewfinder team joined forces with Colorado Ski to reveal some of the must-see terrain at the following mountain resorts across the state:

    Howelsen Hill

    Photo 2 - Howelsen

    Flickr/Creative Commons/Alexander Nilssen/Via/https://flic.kr/p/7McpQK

    Located just outside Steamboat Springs, Howelsen Hill has been the training grounds for more than 70 Olympians. Topping out at just over 7,000 feet in elevation, Howelsen isn’t the tallest peak in the state, but it is North America’s largest natural ski jumping complex. Even for visitors who don’t plan to make it onto the national ski team, Howelsen can be just the spot to brush up on technique or find out what it feels like to get some air under those skis.

    Telluride Ski ResortPhoto 3 - Telluride_snowboard

    The name Telluride is often associated with the town’s iconic film festival held each summer, but the mountains steal the show. Take center stage shredding up the terrain park, which boasts more than 100 features. Then after a day on the slopes, warm up at Giuseppe’s at the Plunge Lift. This enticing mountain restaurant sits perched at an elevation of 11,980 feet, making it the highest restaurant in all of ski country. On a clear day, visitors can see all the way to La Sal Mountains from the eatery.

    Powderhorn Mountain Resort


    Powderhorn Mountain Resort is located east of Grand Junction in Mesa. Powderhorn is unique in that, instead of featuring a sharp peak like many other mountains, it has a flat top. In fact, Powderhorn is one of the largest flat-topped mountains in the world. This unique ski area is known for its gladed tree runs, but there are also terrain parks, boulder fields for jumping, and views over 20 miles into the distance on clear days.

    Silverton Mountain

    Photo 5 - Silverton

    Flickr/Creative Commons/Zach Dischner/Via/https://flic.kr/p/o1no6o

    Silverton Mountain offers the highest elevation of ski area in all of North America, with a peak of 13,487 feet. Due to the mountain’s immense height, the trails are also some of the steepest in the nation. Silverton’s terrain is not groomed, aside for avalanche reduction efforts, to keep the trails in their natural state. The mountain also caps the number of guests allowed into the park each day, so expert skiers and boarders can experience wide-open ranges, bowls, cliffs, and chutes all to themselves.

    Snowmass Resort

    Photo 6 - Snowmass

    Flickr/Creative Commons/Aspen Snowmass/Via/https://flic.kr/p/dvstBN

    Among paleontologists, Snowmass is better known as Snowmastodon due to the discovery of fossils at the resort just a few years ago. For everyone else, Snowmass is a skier and snowboarder’s playground with more than 3,000 acres of terrain and the longest top-to-bottom run in the state, clocking in at 5.3 miles. The resort also features the largest lift-served descent in all of North America.

    From some of the highest peaks to the longest runs in the state, these Colorado mountain resorts are the place for finding brag-worthy terrain. This season, put on your snow gear and get ready to take on these remarkable slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

    Expedia Staff Writer 

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  • Merry Christmas from Colorado Ski Country USA

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    Telluride Ski Resort

    Telluride Ski Resort

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