• New Schools

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    New Schools It’s National Safety Awareness Week but it’s also Learn to Ski and Ride month here in Colorado. When people think about learning to ski and ride their first thought is ski school. When people think about ski school their first thought is kids. Colorado Ski Country resorts are like the Ivy League of ski schools, we’re talking upper class, distinguished curriculum, the finest ski school education taught by the most sought after instructors, and, they offer scholarships. (photo: A-Basin/Casey Day)
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  • Safety Matters

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    Safety Matters

    This week is National Safety Awareness Week. Now before you yawn and click the Back button just hold on a second. Think about it. All the things you love about skiing and riding, and life itself, can go away very very quickly if you are not safe while on the slopes. Or worse, you can take them away from someone else, because it’s not just how those you are sharing the slopes with behave; it’s about how you behave. It pays to share safety. Ski it forward if you will. Get that safety karma thing going. Believe me; you don’t want to have to learn the hard way. (photo by Casey Day: Copper Mountain)
    Copper Safety3 Casey Day
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  • 2010 Goals Post

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    I know we’re already deep into the first month of 2010, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my resolutions for the year, starting with being more prompt with deadlines. But a year is a long time and I work better under pressure, so I’ve shortened the time frame from a year to just the end of the ski season. I also don’t like the idea of resolutions, so I’ve changed them into goals. And because during the winter most of what I do has to do with skiing, I made it even easier on myself and kept my goals to skiing and riding. (photo: Telluride_Casey Day) Following is the short list, the long one I’m still compiling, but without a deadline it may never be finished. Telluride_CaseyDay Continue Reading

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  • Class is in Session in January

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    January is Learn to Ski and Ride month in Colorado Ski Country. I can’t remember the last time I took a ski lesson, but watching my kids progress through lessons, I wonder if I had as much fun learning how to ski as they are. You know the old saying “kids have it sooooo easy these days”, well that rings true with ski and ride lessons as well. From the equipment to resort infrastructure and programs to hot chocolate and cookies at the end of the day, it’s no wonder my kids love learning to ski.

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  • Loveland Ski Area for Families

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    coloradoskimombuttonLarge jpeg1-6-10

    Article written by and shared with the permission of Amber Johnson.

    The stakes were high for my 3-year-old son Bode’s first time on skis at Loveland Ski Area. The child was, after all, named after World Cup skiing sensation Bode Miller.

    Better to live up to that than my namesake Forever Amber, a novel about a 17th-century prostitute.IMG_3414 Continue Reading

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  • Ski Country’s Twelve Days

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    Ski Country’s Twelve Days…
    Loveland Santa Jump 2008

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  • m.erry Christmas

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    As Colorado Ski Country’s holiday gift to you, we’ve launched our new mobile site, m.ColoradoSki.com. I’ve used it so much in just the beta format, now that it’s fully up and running, it’s one of the mobile sites I use the most. m.ColoradoSki.com contains a wealth of up-to-date and breaking information on each of CSCUSA’s 22 member ski areas.CSCUSA Mobile Website on iPhone Continue Reading

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  • ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

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    Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the state;
    The snow was softly falling, skiers couldn’t wait.

    The chairlifts were hanging by the slopes with care;
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  • Double Corks Comin’ Down Copper’s Pipe

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    The second Olympic qualifying event at a CSCUSA resort took place this past weekend. I had the chance to watch some of the USSA Grand Prix at Copper Mountain on Friday. If you ever have the chance to watch a snowboard competition from the lip of the halfpipe, do it. It is from this perspective that the unbelievable athleticism, talent and skills of the riders can really be seen. Not only does this perspective give appreciation to the athletes, but also the terrain. A 22 foot halfpipe is steep, icy, hard, and takes precision to sculpt – which is why it is called a superpipe.

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  • Oh Snap!

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    Colorado is in a cold snap. The temperature at my house this morning was, count ‘em, one, two, three…three degrees. But while some folks may be cursing the cold (like those who don’t have access to the world’s best ski resorts) Colorado’s ski area operators are smiling as the cold snap brings powder to the people.

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