• Ski Patrol’s Best Friend

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    One of Wolf Creek Ski Area’s Ski Patrollers has some particularly bad breath. I’ve just watched Rico execute a rescue of a buried avalanche victim in a training drill put on by Wolf Creek, and as I congratulate him on a job well done, Rico’s halitosis washes over me and I’m...

  • Skiing is Supposed to be Fun

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    By James Lummis Skiing for me is a number of things.  Skiing is time outdoors. It’s adrenaline inducing. It’s fun with family and friends. And, especially for me, skiing is a time to improve my skills. I have been in constant pursuit of the perfect run, which for me is not fresh snow, or...

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  • Learn to ski at Eldora? You bet!

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    Ever have one of those dreams where you’re surrounded by munchkins wearing bright colored clothes and helmets? And they’re all smiling so big you think they’re a little too happy? You haven’t!? Well I have, and it’s a lot like my first few minutes at Eldora Mountain Resort.

    I wade through a sea of four-foot-tall racer grommets on my way to the chairlift where I meet my crew. I’m headed out for morning light with the pride of the Eldora Snowsports School to shoot some footage and take photos. The corduroy is primo, the weather is superb, and the stoke level is high. I just hope I can keep up. These are future Olympians; kids seemingly born and bred to ski. There are literally hundreds of them. I ask Rob Linde, Eldora’s Marketing Guru, why Eldora’s such a popular place for kids to ski.

    “Let me show you.” he replies.

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  • New Owners, New Vibe, New Snow: Why Western Colorado’s Powderhorn Mountain Resort Deserves Another Look

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    by Kristen Lummis, braveskimom.com

    “Why did you want to buy Powderhorn?” I asked owner Andy Daly. A veteran of the Colorado ski industry, with an impressive resume that includes President of Vail Resorts and ownership of Eldora Mountain Resort, near Boulder, Colorado, Daly laughed. “I didn’t. But I knew some skiers in the Grand Junction area who kept telling me to look at it. I’d never been up here and when I came last summer to visit, I was blown away. It’s absolutely beautiful. Then I made some calls and did some research to find out what makes Powderhorn unique.” Continue Reading

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  • Moonlight Dinner Series at Arapahoe Basin

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    It’s dark, cold, and the chairlifts aren’t running. Let’s go skiing.

    I’m at Arapahoe Basin on a chilly December evening, putting on my boots in the parking lot by headlamp. Somewhere up on the dark monolith before me lies the Black Mountain Lodge, and in it, a decadent feast. So while I wonder what’s wrong with this group of people gathering around me, I’m motivated to beat them to the grub.

    We’re here at the Moonlight Dinner Series’ Swiss Night, a creation of renowned Chef Rybak. The full moon we’ve been promised has not shown its face yet, but if it’s anything like me it’ll come running once it hears the dinner bell. Sufficiently layered and lit with headlamps, we begin our trek.

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  • Skiing with kids? Just share your chocolate.

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    Kids. Sure, they look innocent, but they’ll turn on you. I’m about two hours in to a day skiing with a couple of kids at Echo Mountain Resort, and I’m in trouble. I shot myself in the foot by failing to share my Hershey’s Kisses on the chairlift. As I swallow the last of my tasty chocolate morsels, I can feel the morale plummeting. I worry they can smell the my fear… Continue Reading

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  • Copper Mountain Continues to Gain Notoriety as a Great Event Destination as well as Competition Destination with the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix

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    By Aaron Bible

    Rider: Kelly Clark Photo: Tripp Fay

    Rider: Kelly Clark Photo: Tripp Fay

    Competitive Freeskiing and Snowboarding only continue to get bigger and more spectator-friendly. Copper Mountain, Colorado, may be known for its downhill ski racing (and was recently named the new official home to Olympic training hopefuls from around the world), as well as its family friendly base area and great all-around terrain and snow maintenance, but it is now known also for its giant competition Superpipe.

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  • Stocking-Stuffers for skiers & snowboarders

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    Need a last-minute gift for a skier or snowboarder this holiday season? Of course you do! Colorado Ski Country USA has got you covered with all sorts of gift ideas for snowsports fans out there. Introducing the ultimate gift: The Colorado Ski Country Travel Mug.

    I personally love my mug for three reasons:

    1) It helps me maintain a slightly unhealthy coffee intake – a caffeinated skier is a happy skier.

    2) It’s a great conversation-starter. People love to ask me about the resorts I’ve skied, talk about their favorite ski areas and resorts in Colorado, or tell me about the time they ate oysters at Arapahoe Basin.

    3) See #1 above.

    There are a whole bunch of other great gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders at Colorado Ski Country USA’s online store. Happy shopping, see you on the slopes!

    -John Trousdale, Mountain Correspondent, Colorado Ski Country USA

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  • Resorts make it easy to share the love during January Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month

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    This January, Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) and its member resorts invite beginner skiers and snowboarders of all ages to learn Colorado’s signature winter sports during January Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.

    Lesson deals and specials on learning packages abound all month, from discounted first time lessons to beginner program packages, complete with hotel accommodations. Nearly every CSCUSA member resort is offering a lesson promotion during January.

    January is an ideal time for learning to ski and snowboard. Most of the holiday visitors have returned home and plenty of snow has fallen. Resorts have good snow coverage and beginner runs have ample space for learners to practice their turns.

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  • Snowboard World Cup Descends on Telluride

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    Photo by Merrick Chase

    Photo by Merrick Chase

    Telluride is back at the center of the snowboard universe with the only U.S. stop of theLG FIS Snowboard World Cup, December 15-17. Athletes, media, family and friends from around the world are here to take part in Snowboardcross (SBX) and Parallel Giant Slalom (PGS) for the third year in a row.

    Americans participating in the event include two time Olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott (Sugarloaf, ME), three time X Games gold medalist Lindsey Jacobellis (Stratton, VT), six time X Games gold medalist Nate Holland (Squaw Valley, CA), Olympic athlete Graham Watanabe (Sun Valley, ID) and Olympic athlete and World Championship bronze medalist Nick Baumgartner (Iron River, MI). Continue Reading

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  • Copper Mountain Resurrects Snow Day Pass Just in Time for Prime Season

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    by Aaron H. Bible


    While many had given up hope that they would again be able to take advantage of the unique and equitable Copper Mountain Snow Day Pass, behold, the resort has resurrected the pass just in time for Christmas.

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  • Give the gift of Colorado powder

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    20110126_30Colorado is home to eight cat skiing operations (and two heli-ski outfits). Colorado’s largest snowcat skiing operation, the San Juan Ski Company, is offering gift certificates for VIP’s - very important powder hounds.
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