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    Resorts Beckon Independence Day Fun

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    It used to be that after the lifts closed, resorts hung up the Gone Fishin’ sign for the summer. Not anymore. In the summer months, Colorado Ski Country turns into Colorado Bike Country, or Colorado Hike Country, or Colorado Festival Country – although that one doesn’t roll off...

  • Currently with direct non-stop flights from four major cities on two different airlines, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) and the Gunnison Valley Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) are pleased to announce not only a new flight market, but also a new airline to its regional airport for the...

  • Aspen Snowmass

    The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport today announced that American Airlines will offer new daily non-stop flights from Chicago/O’Hare along with a third daily non-stop from Dallas/Fort Worth for the holidays. New non-stop flights from Chicago will facilitate connections from markets throughout the...

  • Double Blacks, At Last!

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    This post comes to us from Kristen Lummis at braveskimom.com

    “It’s January and I still haven’t skied a single double black.” My son and I were driving after school on a blue, unseasonably warm mid-winter day. “This is ridiculous,” he continued as we watched a group of road bikers go by. And while the bikers may be happy this winter, we skiers have had a tough row to hoe, with a prevailing forecast of little snow, warm temps and lots of complaining.

    This is not to say that we haven’t been putting in time on the slopes and enjoying it greatly. It’s just that skiing in December and January was different. These were months when we enjoyed groomers and appreciated the skill of snowcat operators. These were also months when we had to jump over rocks, instead of off of rocks. Core shots? Well, we used to think they were bad. This winter, they’re a fact of life. Ski double black diamond runs? Not a chance. There weren’t any open.

    Less High-Pressure, More Good Snow Continue Reading

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  • Sol Vista’s Paradise

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    This blog comes to us from Amber Johnson, editor of the Denver Post’s “Mile High Mamas.”

    Me: “I have some bad news, Haddie.”
    Haddie: “Oh no, what?”
    Me: “I can’t find your carsickness pills and it’s a really windy road to SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch.”
    Haddie: “Oh no. I’m gonna die!”
    Me: “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re just going to throw up.” Continue Reading

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  • Colorado Natives Know About Snow

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    The following was brought to us by Claudia Carbone, a ski and travel journalist.

    It’s snowing in Colorado. Finally. After a tense first few months of the season, most people were wondering if we were in for a long-term drought. Not me. As a Colorado native, I know what happens in the mountains around here in winter and it’s not golf.

    Crested Butte

    Crested Butte

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  • Joe says be safe

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    Awesome day on the hill. Look how stoked I am. Lots of powder. Powder is my name and riding it is my game.

    Colorado Ski Country resorts are doing pretty good in the snow department, but because of the tricky weather patterns, the conditions have been ripe for avalanche.

    Remember to be safe out there – no matter where you’re riding. ‘nuff said.

    See you on the slopes –

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  • A Day in the Park (Winter)

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    The following was brought to us by Pietro Simonetti of Good Ski Guide.

    Day after day I scoped out the Rocky Mountains from the Boulder flats. Or more precisely, the bare Rocky Mountains. It was early January and there was more snow down in the Front Range than the high peaks. Freaky strange. That’s why when a fast-passing storm was predicted to clip Colorado, I had to take my chances and hope that the snow gods would come through for us flake-hungry skiers.

    Winter Park_Brad Torchia

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  • Sol Vista Basin: Where Families Go Big!

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    By Kristen Lummis, braveskimom.com

    Photo courtesy Sol Vista Basin

    “I may be biased, but I think that Sol Vista is the best mountain anywhere for families learning to ski.” We were riding up the Quick Draw Express Quad at Sol Vista Basin, with a ski patroller. “I’ve skied all over the world,” he told us. “I’ve never been anywhere as family friendly as this mountain.” Continue Reading

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  • Couples on the Slopes: Bliss or Battleground?

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    SolVista Basin ski pro offers advice on how to survive skiing with your significant other.


    Valentine’s weekend mountain getaways beckon this time of year—who doesn’t love to schuss side-by-side with a sweetheart? Except when she skis bumps and he craves groomers. Or he’s got helpful pointers she doesn’t want to hear…wait a minute, there goes the romance.

    “Having different interest or skill levels can be a challenge for couples, says SolVista Basin’s Ski and Ride School Director Dan O’Connell. “It’s inevitable that the more-skilled rider or skier tries to help, and the less-skilled person is trying so hard not to be a problem, and tension results.”

    O’Connell (with 24 years of skiing with his significant other under his belt) offers these tips for keeping the peace on the mountain with your significant other: Continue Reading

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  • A good excuse to ski

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    Winter Park photo by Brad Torhia

    Many people use skiing as an outlet for different things; connecting with nature, hanging out with friends, pushing the limits of athleticism. But for one weekend a year, a group of Karma-building-ski-fanatic-do-gooders use skiing as a way to give back to their community by participating in the Invest In Kids Jane-A-Thon fundraiser at Winter Park.

    Now hold up. Before you click away, this is not your ordinary fundraiser. Continue Reading

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  • Hispanics and their love affair with Colorado’s winter sports

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    By Veronica Whitney

    El Montañes

    The Hispanic newspaper of Eagle and Garfield Counties

    This week’s blog comes to us from Veronica Whitney, Chief Editor of El Montañes, a Hispanic newspaper out of Carbondale.


    Though they might like soccer better, Latin Americans love to ski in Colorado. Proof of this are the thousands of Latin Americans that fill the ski trails at Colorado’s ski resorts every winter.

    When my mom arrived at the Vail-Eagle airport (which serves Aspen and Vail among other ski areas) to visit us for Christmas she said most of the people on her flight from Miami were from Mexico and Venezuela.

    Sunlight Mountain

    Sunlight Mountain

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  • Safety: Check It

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    Photo by John Trousdale

    We know it’s exciting that resorts are getting snow. We know people are longing to float on powder and feel the snow bellow up in their face. But before heading out, before dropping in, before that first turn – do a safety check. Reset your safety awareness. It takes but a moment, and during these current snow conditions, a quick safety check can make a vital difference. Go through your mental check list, double check your decisions with regard to your safety and the safety of those riding with you. Continue Reading

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