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Après Yum, Après Fun

by Colorado Snow Sensei on Dec.09, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Dining and Nightlife, Resorts

Telluride Tomboy Tavern Nachos

Tomboy Tavern, Telluride Ski Resort

by Kristen Lummis,

Whether you call it après-ski, happy hour or simply “time to eat,” stopping at the end of a ski day for some sustenance is a fun necessity for hungry families.

It’s a nice time to take a break together, dry out, warm up and enjoy some hearty family time, especially during the holidays. (continue reading…)

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Colorado Ski Patrol: We’re all Skiers

by Mountain Correspondent on Apr.05, 2013, under General, Insider Secrets

I hop on the 8 o’clock chair with a few Ski Patrollers at Durango Mountain Resort (DMR). I ask one of the patrollers what he thought of a recent article that seemed to suggest Ski Patrollers across the state lack in training.

“That article made us sound like a bunch of un-trained monkeys!” exclaimed TJ, a veteran patroller at DMR. “I resent that. We’re highly trained monkeys.”

The vibe here is relaxed, even on dawn-patrol. The snow has already begun to soften up on this late-March day. Festivities at the base area, known to locals as “the Beach” will include snow bowling, a pig roast, and of course, beer. Did I mention it’s college day?

“That’ll bring the rabble out for sure.” remarks Scott Clements, director of the Patrol at DMR. I’ve seen closing day at DMR before. It usually means costumes, antics, and lots of fun, so I know it’s going to be a good day to shadow the patrollers.

It takes hard work and dedication to work for Patrol. And a sweet one-piece.

It takes hard work and dedication to work for Patrol. And a sweet one-piece.

Despite the chucklings about the laid-back vibe of spring skiing in Colorado, Ski Patrol is diligent about their job. It’s business-as-usual in the Patrol Shack. The morning meeting begins with grooming reports, station assignments, and the typical razzing of the rookie. The only think significantly different today is sitting on a table in front of me… (continue reading…)

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Free Parking: Terrain Parks in Colorado

by Mountain Correspondent on Mar.31, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General

A quick bit of math: Take all the awesome ski and snowboard spots in Colorado, then find all the sweet terrain parks, halfpipes, and superpipes in Colorado. Add all the parks, pipes, superpipes, and jibs togehter. What do you get? About a jillion ways to catch air in the highest state in the union. Here are some highlights from one of ‘em:

OK, so I’ll admit that I didn’t get the job of Mountain Correspondent because of math skills, but hear me out…

(continue reading…)

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Picking a Perfect Mountain

by Mountain Correspondent on Mar.19, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General

Desert Island question: If you had to pick just one mountain, just one spot to ski or board for the rest of time, which one would it be?

It’s a tough question, and thankfully it’s one you can completely ignore because in Colorado, you simply don’t have that problem. Colorado has a mountain for everyone. With tons of resorts and ski areas, there’s something here for everyone – which begs the question: what’s your thing?

Are you a powder-hound? Park-rat? Mogul-gopher? Aprés-aardvark? We tried to cram as much of our glorious state as we could in to a 30-second video. So take a look: see if your thing made the cut:

Didn’t see your thing here? Then hop on our facebook page or tweet us (@ColoradoSkiUSA) and let us know. We’ll make sure your favorite thing to do in Colorado Ski Country shows up in the next video.

-Mountain Correspondent

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Chairlift Confessions: Powder Flu

by Mountain Correspondent on Mar.02, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Insider Secrets

[WARNING: This blog post is NSFW - Employees: if your boss sees you reading it, you can kiss your next powder day goodbye. Kids: do NOT let your parents see this unless they're very cool, or already have the Powder Flu themselves. Read with caution]

You don’t want to be sick, right? But you do want the conditions to be sick out on the slopes. So what happens when you’re not sick, but the conditions are? Colorado Ski Country has the answer. It’s called the powder flu, and it’s extremely contagious around here.

(continue reading…)

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Jammy-Packin’ in Colorado

by Mountain Correspondent on Feb.18, 2013, under General, Insider Secrets

Fashion and function are awkward bedfellows when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. Some say that style trumps all – these folks can be seen at nearly any aprés spot, prominently displaying their brand name, slope-chic couture. Others claim that function is what matters, as evidenced by their devotion to cheap hardware store work gloves and the duct tape patches on their Gore-Tex. So which group is right? Style or substance? Fashion or function? Being seen, or being seen skiing? Colorado Ski Country USA’s Mountain Correspondent hit the slopes to find out…

(continue reading…)

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Skijoring with Kids @ Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.14, 2013, under Colorado Events, General

Few towns are as snow-crazy as Steamboat Springs, CO. I knew this before heading up to the Winter Carnival last year, but I had NO IDEA to the degree this town loves its snow. Skiing is like a religion here, one which it indoctrinated its kids annually. The chosen method of indoctrination? Winter Carnival SkiJoring.

Kids Skijoring Steamboat (continue reading…)

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