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A Dad’s Season on the Bunny Slope

by Guest on Jan.06, 2014, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Casey Day, Powderhorn

Casey Day, Powderhorn Mountain Resort

By James Lummis,

I am a professional and I think it imperative to involve professionals when you want to get the job done correctly.  This is true whether you’re hiring an architect, doctor or auto mechanic. It’s also true when you’re learning to ski.

When our second son was three years old, we signed him up for ski lessons on Sundays. After his first lesson, he was excited to practice, so for the rest of the winter he skied with me every time he didn’t have a lesson.

That season I skied 13 days at Powderhorn Mountain Resort and never left the bunny slope. (continue reading…)

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How to Have an Enjoyable Family Ski Day Despite Varying Abilities

by Jennifer on Jan.04, 2014, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Jennifer Rudolph, Loveland Ski Area

Jennifer Rudolph, Loveland Ski Area

By Jenn Rudolph, Colorado Ski Country USA Communications Director

It’s a tough transition. Another one of those things they don’t tell you about when you first have kids, like how hard breastfeeding is, or about that infant witching hour. Your ski friends who are parents know. They’ve been there, toughed it out and made it to the other side. But they don’t tell you the reality right away for fear of dampening your excitement that you’re going to be a parent. They listen to you gush on about how you’re going to get the kid skiing as soon as he can crawl and you’re sure he’ll be the next Shaun White or Lindsey Vonn. And they’ll stand there and smile knowing full well what it’s really like, that having kids will greatly impact your time on snow. (continue reading…)

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Five Easy Tips to Get your Child Skiing and Snowboarding This Season

by Guest on Dec.27, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

John Trousdale, Eldora Mountain Resort

John Trousdale, Eldora Mountain Resort

By Kristen Lummis,

1. Take a Lesson. It you’re a skiing or riding parent, it can be tempting to teach your kids on your own. If you don’t ski or ride, you don’t have this option. But no matter where you’re coming from, putting your child into at least one lesson from a certified instructor will get him or her off to a better start. Instructors are professionals who are smarter than parents when it comes to teaching kids how to ski and ride. They know the latest and best techniques and they know how to teach them effectively. January is the time to get your kids started. It’s national Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and most resorts in Colorado offer deals for never-ever skiers and riders, as well as discounts on other lessons and rentals. If your child has a 5th Grade Pass from Colorado Ski Country USA, sign them up for their “First Class” lesson now! This is a free lesson and rental for 5th graders who have never skied or snowboarded. (And if your fifth grader doesn’t have a fifth grade pass yet, you can get one here). (continue reading…)

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Donation Day At Telluride (10:38 a.m.)

by Colorado Snow Sensei on Nov.21, 2012, under General

Telluride’s Opening Day might be tomorrow, but the resort is turning lifts today as part of its Thanksgiving tradition to give back to the community. The pre-Opening Day fun allows guests to ski early, and all proceeds benefit the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club’s financial aid assistance program. This program is designed for local children from the school district who need help to participate in skiing and snowboarding. Here’s a first look at the resort’s lifts, courtesy of Telluride Tom. Those beaming faces say it all.

Telluride_Tom Watkinson

Telluride_Tom Watkinson

(continue reading…)

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