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Head to Steamboat for the 101st Winter Carnival

by Colorado Snow Sensei on Feb.03, 2014, under General

Steamboat Chamber Resort Association

Steamboat Chamber Resort Association

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, one of the largest and oldest winter sports clubs in the U.S., hosts the 101st Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, the oldest continuing Winter Carnival west of the Mississippi. For several days, the entire town is given over to racing, ski jumping, a parade featuring Steamboat’s skiing high school band (the only one in the United States), the famous ski jöring events down Lincoln Avenue, and the spectacular night show featuring the legendary Lighted Man & fireworks display. (continue reading…)

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Night Extravaganza. Yes, Seriously

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.31, 2013, under Colorado Events, General, Resorts

One of the most amazing winter carnivals, hands-down, no-doubt, bet-your-season-pass is Steamboat Springs’ Winter Carnival. It’s coming up Feb 6-10. Do. Not. Miss. It. And when you get there, be sure to put on some warm socks, fill a thermos with some piping hot <ahem> cocoa, and head out for a night at the signature event, the Night Extravaganza.

(continue reading…)

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Steamboat Winter Carnival’s “International Biathlon” Event

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.20, 2013, under General

As Mountain Correspondent, I’ve had the chance to ski bumps with world-renowned mogul experts, I’ve gotten to ski with rented children, and I’ve gotten to ski with fire. But skiing with antique rifles? Well, this was something I hadn’t done, and I had to check it out.

The Event is called the “International Black Powder Biathlon”. It started in 1974 when a fella named Gilbert and some buddies were sharing a round of cold ones in a Steamboat Springs bar during cold winter day. It seems talk turned to shooting black powder rifles, something the group enjoyed doing. Not having a range or any reason to go shooting in the winter months, and with the famous Steamboat Winter Carnival just around the corner, Gilbert decided he and his black powder enthusiast buddies needed an event to call their own. Blammo! The International Black Powder Biathlon is born.

The International Biathlon may be the Winter Carnival’s most unlikely spectator event. But watching a bunch of well-armed, leather-clad yahoos race around town on rickety skis all the while shooting up a storm does have a certain appeal. They even shoot off a canon to start the race! I haven’t taken up the hobby of black powder shooting, but I’m glad it’s alive and well in Colorado.

Steamboat’s Winter Carnival is celebrating a BIG anniversary this year. It’s sure to be a great time, get more info here. I’ll see you there this year, at the International Biathlon, in my ‘coon-skin cap.

-Mountain Correspondent

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Skijoring with Kids @ Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival

by Mountain Correspondent on Jan.14, 2013, under Colorado Events, General

Few towns are as snow-crazy as Steamboat Springs, CO. I knew this before heading up to the Winter Carnival last year, but I had NO IDEA to the degree this town loves its snow. Skiing is like a religion here, one which it indoctrinated its kids annually. The chosen method of indoctrination? Winter Carnival SkiJoring.

Kids Skijoring Steamboat (continue reading…)

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Moonlight Dinner Series at Arapahoe Basin

by Mountain Correspondent on Dec.18, 2011, under Colorado Events, Colorado Skiing, General

It’s dark, cold, and the chairlifts aren’t running. Let’s go skiing.

I’m at Arapahoe Basin on a chilly December evening, putting on my boots in the parking lot by headlamp. Somewhere up on the dark monolith before me lies the Black Mountain Lodge, and in it, a decadent feast. So while I wonder what’s wrong with this group of people gathering around me, I’m motivated to beat them to the grub.

We’re here at the Moonlight Dinner Series’ Swiss Night, a creation of renowned Chef Rybak. The full moon we’ve been promised has not shown its face yet, but if it’s anything like me it’ll come running once it hears the dinner bell. Sufficiently layered and lit with headlamps, we begin our trek.

(continue reading…)

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Arapahoe Basin likes it raw

by Mountain Correspondent on Dec.05, 2011, under Colorado Skiing, General

One gets a sense of the vibe at Arapahoe Basin long before you hit the slopes. Signs in the parking lot direct you with a playful, distinctive, and markedly human tone; “Almost There!”, “Keep Going!” Soon enough I ease my car in to a spot and being to slip my boots on carside. Adjacent me is a group of weary locals, all soggy socks and smiles as they load their boards in to their car after a half day at A-Basin.

I meet Kimberly Trembearth, the area’s marketing guru, at the base lodge. After briefly discussing what’s going on at the Basin today, Kimberly shows the area’s true colors: “The oyster bar doesn’t open for another two hours, so go ski. Have fun!” she orders. Yes ma’am.

Arapahoe Basin is one of Colorado’s Gems ski areas, which in essence means it appeals to those who will forego valley parking if it means they can have the whole place to themselves. Works for me.

(continue reading…)

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Springtime Brings Bounty of Snow, Events to Colorado Ski Country

by Jennifer on Mar.18, 2011, under General

Did you know that Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) has one of the longest ski seasons in the country? Our resorts have peaks at lofty elevations, an average snowfall of more than 300 inches and the dry air that keeps it around longer than most other places. Colorado’s ski season typically stretches well into May providing skiers and riders with sunny skies and mild temperatures. (continue reading…)

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