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Talk to Your Children About Skiing Safety

by Guest on Feb.09, 2014, under General

Trails Merge

Durango Mountain Resort

by Kristen Lummis,

One of the surprising things about parenting is how much talking it takes.

Kids need guidance, whether you’re talking to toddlers about sharing and nap time, or to teens about sex and alcohol. No parent want to lecture, but each day we seem to do a fair share of it. At every stage of our children’s lives, there are topics that demand discussion.

Skiing safely, and skiing safety, is one of them. (continue reading…)

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Head to Steamboat for the 101st Winter Carnival

by Colorado Snow Sensei on Feb.03, 2014, under General

Steamboat Chamber Resort Association

Steamboat Chamber Resort Association

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, one of the largest and oldest winter sports clubs in the U.S., hosts the 101st Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, the oldest continuing Winter Carnival west of the Mississippi. For several days, the entire town is given over to racing, ski jumping, a parade featuring Steamboat’s skiing high school band (the only one in the United States), the famous ski jöring events down Lincoln Avenue, and the spectacular night show featuring the legendary Lighted Man & fireworks display. (continue reading…)

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Five Easy Tips to Get your Child Skiing and Snowboarding This Season

by Guest on Dec.27, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

John Trousdale, Eldora Mountain Resort

John Trousdale, Eldora Mountain Resort

By Kristen Lummis,

1. Take a Lesson. It you’re a skiing or riding parent, it can be tempting to teach your kids on your own. If you don’t ski or ride, you don’t have this option. But no matter where you’re coming from, putting your child into at least one lesson from a certified instructor will get him or her off to a better start. Instructors are professionals who are smarter than parents when it comes to teaching kids how to ski and ride. They know the latest and best techniques and they know how to teach them effectively. January is the time to get your kids started. It’s national Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and most resorts in Colorado offer deals for never-ever skiers and riders, as well as discounts on other lessons and rentals. If your child has a 5th Grade Pass from Colorado Ski Country USA, sign them up for their “First Class” lesson now! This is a free lesson and rental for 5th graders who have never skied or snowboarded. (And if your fifth grader doesn’t have a fifth grade pass yet, you can get one here). (continue reading…)

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Ticket to Ride: 5th and 6th Grade Passport

by Mountain Correspondent on Dec.05, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, Resorts

Ever wish you could be a kid again? This will definitely make you jealous: Colorado Ski Country offers 5th graders 60 days of FREE skiing and riding!!! That’s for Zero! Zilch! Nada! Over 20 Colorado resorts–like Copper Mountain, Telluride, Steamboat and more–offer 5th graders three full days of fun as part of the renowned Passport program. And, after kids graduate from fifth grade, no one’s left hanging.

6th graders get a pretty awesome deal, too, receiving four days of skiing and riding at all 20 member resorts for just $99–that’s 80 days of fun! That amounts to $1.24 per day. That’s kind of ridiculous. There’s also a rockin’ deal for kiddos who have never had the chance to try skiing or snowboarding: The First Class Program provides one free lesson in January to 5th Grade Passport who have never skied or snowboarded. Resorts have excellent ski and snowboard schools, where taking a lesson from a pro will help your child get better faster.

What a perfect excuse to partake in the Coloradan tradition of skiing and riding!

I recently got the chance to meet up with Colorado Ski Country’s esteemed 5th grade blogger, Emma, and hang out with her rad fifth grade posse. Check out all the fun we had at Copper Mountain, all thanks to the Passport program:

While we can’t turn back time, we can at least tell every 5th and 6th grader you bump into to sign up for a year of FREE skiing and riding. Learn more about the Passport program here:

You did a good deed.

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Colorado Ski Patrol: We’re all Skiers

by Mountain Correspondent on Apr.05, 2013, under General, Insider Secrets

I hop on the 8 o’clock chair with a few Ski Patrollers at Durango Mountain Resort (DMR). I ask one of the patrollers what he thought of a recent article that seemed to suggest Ski Patrollers across the state lack in training.

“That article made us sound like a bunch of un-trained monkeys!” exclaimed TJ, a veteran patroller at DMR. “I resent that. We’re highly trained monkeys.”

The vibe here is relaxed, even on dawn-patrol. The snow has already begun to soften up on this late-March day. Festivities at the base area, known to locals as “the Beach” will include snow bowling, a pig roast, and of course, beer. Did I mention it’s college day?

“That’ll bring the rabble out for sure.” remarks Scott Clements, director of the Patrol at DMR. I’ve seen closing day at DMR before. It usually means costumes, antics, and lots of fun, so I know it’s going to be a good day to shadow the patrollers.

It takes hard work and dedication to work for Patrol. And a sweet one-piece.

It takes hard work and dedication to work for Patrol. And a sweet one-piece.

Despite the chucklings about the laid-back vibe of spring skiing in Colorado, Ski Patrol is diligent about their job. It’s business-as-usual in the Patrol Shack. The morning meeting begins with grooming reports, station assignments, and the typical razzing of the rookie. The only think significantly different today is sitting on a table in front of me… (continue reading…)

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Ski Patrol: Right People for the Right Job

by Mountain Correspondent on Apr.02, 2013, under General

Colorado’s skiers and snowboarders were recently presented with a misleading article that stated:

“When someone dies or is seriously injured on a Colorado ski slope, it is ski patrollers — not trained police officers, sheriff’s deputies or forest rangers — who document and determine what happened.”

That’s true, and it’s exactly the way you, as a skier, should want it. Here’s why:

Allow me to extrapolate:

(continue reading…)

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Picking a Perfect Mountain

by Mountain Correspondent on Mar.19, 2013, under Colorado Skiing, General

Desert Island question: If you had to pick just one mountain, just one spot to ski or board for the rest of time, which one would it be?

It’s a tough question, and thankfully it’s one you can completely ignore because in Colorado, you simply don’t have that problem. Colorado has a mountain for everyone. With tons of resorts and ski areas, there’s something here for everyone – which begs the question: what’s your thing?

Are you a powder-hound? Park-rat? Mogul-gopher? Aprés-aardvark? We tried to cram as much of our glorious state as we could in to a 30-second video. So take a look: see if your thing made the cut:

Didn’t see your thing here? Then hop on our facebook page or tweet us (@ColoradoSkiUSA) and let us know. We’ll make sure your favorite thing to do in Colorado Ski Country shows up in the next video.

-Mountain Correspondent

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